How To Become A Genius Internet Marketer

Taking your business online is the best way to reach global audience, knowing fully well that online marketing in one of the biggest platform to make money. Despite all the negativity happening online such as Cyber fraud and others, a trusted internet marketer will always succeed.

According to a survey conducted by United Nations Conference On Trade And Development (UNCTAD) and published by UNCTAD Secretary-General Mukhisa Kituyi on 29 March, 2019, Global e-commerce sales grew 13% in 2017, hitting an estimated $29 trillion. He also added that similar surge was seen in the number of online shoppers, which jumped by 12% and stood at 1.3 billion people, or one quarter of the world’s population.

How To Become A Genius Internet Marketer
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Seeing how competitive online marketing is, you may feel petrified or even disappointed to venture into it, maybe you’re a growing entrepreneur with little resources but you’re dreaming of taking your business high so as to compete with Fashion nova, Jumia, Amazon, e-bay and other e-commerce platform, all you have to do is to strategies your own method i.e finding hot selling goods, running google, Instagram and Facebook ads, creating good return policy and others.

Do you think a growing business can survive in a competitive market? The answer is yes, below are some of the steps to follow in order to become at top list.

Promotion: creates google, Facebook and Instagram ads to gets shoppers attention, build trust and increase sales. Employ a good graphics designer to create killer ad designs to advertise your products so that clients looking up price comparisons will see them and make his/her final decision.

Explore Your Social Media Pages: Since 75% of the world population spends most of their time on social media, the power of your social proof will build, generate traffic and increase sales. However, optimize your customer experience for convenience and one way you can do this is to set up an auto-reply text to clients sliding on your direct massages (Dm’s) or Facebook messenger when you’re offline. An auto-text like “Thanks for reaching out to us,” Our team will be with you shortly.”

Build Seller/Buyer Relationship: Impression at first conversion matters, how you response to client complains and queries is very important. In other to become a successful entrepreneurial acumen you need to build a strong relationships with customers and make hands-on customer service a priority.

Set Up E-store: To become at top list and to generate global sale, business without website need to develop a platform as soon as possible to make transaction more easy for buyers. Improve your website’s conversion rate and also optimize your checkout process to reduce abandoned carts during payment cheek out by buyers/Consumer.

Delivery & Return Policy: The Best way to impress and retain a new customer is fast delivery time (No delay in shipping). Some of the Air Cargo used in dispatching your products can also contribute to high-record of late delivery volumes. Also have a good return policy statement which may have the estimation of 7 days or at least days return policy.

Organize Your Speech: when communicating with a client, make sure your can speak fluently without using Volga languages, try to be self contained also, don’t be too talkative, be ready to entertain insult from buyers if you’re using whatsApp as point of communication.

Build Trust: convincing a client=t into trusting you online is one of the biggest challenge online business marketer experiences. it’s advisable for a growing business to concentrate on domestics delivery first before targeting global audience. first, you start by practicing cash on delivery policy (payment on delivery option) until your buyers starts trusting your  brand before expanding your sales to payment before delivery option.

Create Unique Products: Before designing a product, you consider the environment factor which determine the target audience that you’ll be focusing on. A successful online business marketer has to be consistent in communication and experience, across many applications such as packaging, designing, prints and uniqueness to attract consumers.

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