Alleged Fraud: Bishop Apprehended For Using The Lord’s Name To Scam Congregations

Alleged Fraud: Bishop Apprehended For Using The Lord's Name To Scam Congregations

The Nigerian law enforcement agency that investigates financial crimes and economic crimes (EFCC) in Benin Zonal Office, has nabbed one Bishop identified as Giniko Obi, for allegedly defrauding thousands of congregants of money running into millions of naira, with the Lord’s name in guise of eradicating “Poverty” from their lives.

Alleged Fraud: Bishop Apprehended For Using The Lord's Name To Scam Congregations

Alleged Fraud: Bishop Apprehended For Using The Lord’s Name To Scam Congregations

Stannova had learned that Obi who is the founder of Beloved Gideon Foundation, based in Agbor, Delta State, however, debunks claims insisting he was only “doing the will of God by trying to help them out from poverty.

“It was my desire and God’s will to see people prosper that led him into operating the way him did which makes the whole Scheme fishy,” he said.

Obi, who claim to be a consecrated Bishop, possessing a diploma in theology, said: “We write books such as ‘24 Nuggets for Successful Living’, ‘36 Nuggets for Successful Living’, ‘48 Nuggets for Successful Living’.

“We’ll set up a seminars and conferences on how to be successful. We’ll inform all congregants to subscribe to these publications. If you subscribe with N10, 800, we give you N15, 000.

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If you subscribe with N18, 000, we give you N23, 000. I had about 30,000 subscribers and I was paying them, so I think it’s time to expand it more,” Bishop Obi added.

It was gathered that he left Agbor for Lagos, his desire was to expand his subscription base but his subscribers were impatient. “If they allowed me to hold the conference in Lagos, I would have paid them,” he said.

Meanwhile some of the innocent victims who have continued to throng the EFCC office, since his arrest, described his as a “fraud” in Lord’s name.

Among the victim Janet Amaka Okafor had told us that the Bishop sold a dummy to them by claiming that he was from the famous Gideons International, based in the United States.

One Mr Okafor who was also a victims of the ponzi scheme said: “The Bishop knelt down and swore with the Bible. He convinced us that he was from Texas, USA, and we believed him. I brought many people, including my relations and friends. All together, they invested over N5 million” which he didn’t pay back with interest as promised.

Bessie Nwadibire, 64 said the Bishop was very deceptive from the beginning, according to his statement; “When he came to the market he gave out drinks and dashed some people money as much as N50,000, as he said the poverty rate in Nigeria was too high,” not knowing that all was part of his professional gimmicks.

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