Couple Sell Their own Kid In Imo State, Nigeria.




Couple, Glory and Ugochukwu Nwachukwu, has been arrested for child trafficking of their own baby with three other babies, for N800,000 in Imo state, Nigeria.

It was reported that they were arrested at Umuokai Owerri-Nta in Imo State by Dazuki Galadanchi, State Commissioner of Police.

Both couple connive and induce one Aloka Jovita, Where they Out smart her of her two Children, Adaugo Oliver, a 3-month old baby and Daniel Oliver, 6-months old and sold them out to their clients.

They also confessed on being involved in other child trafficking in Imo state. Glory, her wife lament, “I ask my husband the way about my child, but he told me he has sold him, He never gave me any penny from the money, knowing that he’s my first issue with him, I’m heart broken.” she lamented.

Ugochukwu, his husband said “Me and my wife discussed it and came into conclusion before selling him, I sold him for N400,000 because I needed the money to purchase the Army form and fulfil my dream of joining Nigeria Army.

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They billed my so high to the extent that I begin to sell all my belongings but did not meet up with the demands. I used the remaining cash to buy a motorcycle and also start up a fishery pond.

He said “The second is a boy which was sold at the rate of N400,000 but they gave me only N200,000. I was expose through the person that connected me to the business.

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