Game Of Thrones (The Story So Far) HD MP4

With Fans eagerly awaiting the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones which is currently in production and will be available at Stannova platform for easy download soon, here’s a recap of the story so far in case you missed any episode, this episode will help you equipped with the final series.

‘Game of thrones (Story so far)’ contains season 1 – 7 episodes, on the season one (1) where members of the Night’s Watch guarding the Wall to the north of Westeros, encounter’s the White Walker in the forest, previously assumed to be mythical.

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The season 2: where Stannis falls under the spell of the witch Melisandre and lays claim to the throne on the basis of Joffrey’s illegitimacy, this season is also a recap where Tyrion hoping on reining Jeffery’s.

The war for the throne lingers to season seven (7) where Daenerys heads to Dragonstone (once the home of Stannis Baratheon) taking her massive army of unsullied and Dothraki aboard the Frey ships.

Who then will take the throne? Download HD mp4 Below.

Game of Thrones
Season 08 – Episode 00 – The Story So Far


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