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New Music: $uicideBoy$ & Travis Barker – nothingleftnothingleft

$uicideBoy$ joined force with Travis Barker to work on this new masterpiece – ‘nothingleftnothingleft‘ which found it way online few minutes ago. Nothingleftnothingleft SuicideBoys & Travis Barker mp3 download.

$uicideBoy$ takes the lead while Travis Barker delivers his catchy melody. The mix of rap and metal sound.

Travis Barker, however, is not lost among-st their horror-filled roars as he thunders through the song with epic, pulse-racing percussive beats while $uicideBoy$ continue in line with his unique punchlines.


Quotable Lyrics:

Suicide, suicide, let’s all commit suicide
End the human race just like the dinosaurs, I can’t decide
Would you rather drink the punch or do you wanna burn alive?

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