Ethiopian Plane Crash: Civil Aviation Suspends Boeing 737 Max 8

Ethiopian Plane Crash: Civil Aviation Suspends Boeing 737 Max 8

Following the ugly incident that befalls the Ethiopian Airlines near Addis Ababa on Sunday, March 10, 2019. The Civil Aviation Administration of China and Ethopains has suspended the use the whole Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircrafts.

The Aviation has decided to source for the cause of the mysterious crash of fleet of the aircraft that killed all 157 people on board and until then, the operation of the Planes will be on hold.

It was gathered that the crash was the second fatal incident striking the 737 MAX 8 aircraft and has raised concerns among airline operators over the safety of the boarders, Pilots and flight attendance of the jet that started operation earlier 2017.

Meanwhile, It was the same model of Boeing aircraft operated by Indonesian Lion Jet Air that had a mishap in October, 2018, killing all 187 people on board, the plane was crashed into the blue sea.

The CEO of the Aviation has sympathize over the mishap and has promised to render technical assistance where necessary, consoling all the countries who lost their citizens on the mysterious mishap.

The cause of the plane crash was still unknown as the aviation engineer has confirmed checking out the Boeing 737 max 8 before taking off.

They added that the jets will resume flying after confirmation of flight safety from the U.S Federal Aviation Administration which is yet to be discussed as the incident is still fresh.

Stannova agent confirmed that Total number of 100 Boeing 737 MAX 8 have been affected by the ban, we’re currently working to obtain more information regarding the speech of the affected countries, more to follow…..

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