Nigeria social media influencer, Angela Nwosu explained her Vag*nal waxin

My Vag*nal Waxing Experience – Angela Nwosu.

My Vag*nal Waxing Experience - Angela Nwosu.
My Vag*nal Waxing Experience - Angela Nwosu.

My Vag*nal Waxing Experience – Angela Nwosu.

Nigeria social media influencer,  Angela Nwosu explained her Vag*nal waxing experience.

“It’s very painful down there, and is going to be swollen, not sure why I let those guys “lead me astr.ay.” It was like “I dare you” and stupid me took up the offer.” kai she said.

I got my first p*ssy wax ever, aka Brazilian wax. Actually, it was my first wax ever, period. I was lucky enough to be born with eyebrows that require zero maintenance and I’ve never been very hairy anywhere. I’ve stuck with shaving, my whole life, but here’s the thing; I absolutely hate shaving, but I don’t like having hair either, so… yeah, it’s difficult, ighotago?

I’ve been super f*cking curious about p*ssy waxing since I heard about it in 2015. Waxing seemed like the solution to my shaving woes, but the thought of it also terrified me. After hearing different painful stories about it, I was convinced that I could never stand that kind of pain. No thanks.. It seemed like pure torture.

But then one day, my best friend told me about how his babe had started getting Brazilian waxes. I gasped in horror, but he insisted they weren’t that bad. I started thinking about how nice it would be to stop attempting to maneuver a razor down there once a month and instead dealing with one 15-minute session of pain followed by 3-4 hairless weeks. It was very tempting and so, I decided to go for it. I got my first Brazilian wax the other day and, well, I’ll probably never go back to shaving down there. I’ve been converted.

I obviously know what it feels like to be curious but scared of waxing the v*gina. If you’re in the same boat that I was in for years, trust me: you should read this. Of course, no girl has to shave down there at all if she doesn’t want to – but there’s also nothing wrong with wanting to be vag*nal hairless! So, if you’re thinking of going for it, here are things you need to know before your first p*ssy wax ( Brazilian)

You’ll be totally exposing yourself. yes, you are going to be just as naked as you think you will be. And, yes, your waxer is going to touch, stare at and be very close to your vag*nal and was, To be continued.

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