Nicki Minaj Tried To Kill Me – Safaree.

Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj  tried to stab me in 2014

Nicki Minaj tried to stab me

Safaree profess that Nicki went after him with a knife, stabbing him so critically, I went to the hospital by ambulance, but she denied it all saying it’s a lie.

The two love birds, Nicki and Safaree,  who Broke up since 2014, recently twitted, “Remember the night you gash me with a knife, I also died, if not for the police and ambulance that take me out of the bassinet on stretcher and I had lie and tell them I was stabbing  to kill myself, so they wouldn’t take you to prison.”

But Nicki  replied, “you stole my card and told me you thought it was an account with free money, that I wasn’t a aware of, God will strike you down and more for making this up.

There was a clip that we have actually seen back then is 2014, where Nicki  is chasing after Safaree with a knife

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