Singer Aretha Franklin – Dead.

Singer Aretha Franklin - Dead.
Singer Aretha Franklin - Dead.

Singer Aretha Franklin – Dead.

Aretha Franklin, well known passionate singer with best recorded hit with a passionate voice  died, Thursday after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. She has recorded one of the best global anthem titled “Respect” and “You make me feel like.” she passed out In her home where was on treatments, she’d been suffering from this sickness for months now which has made her lost excess weight. It was reported that Aretha was indoor and could not go out for some weeks before her departure.

Aretha was left to mourn by friends, families, relations. A statement was released by her family hours ago after departure “In one of the darkest moments of our lives and with a heavy heart, we can’t find the appropriate words to express the grief in our heart, our treasure is gone.” she said.

However, Aretha rarely performed live in the recent years. Her most recent appearance was at Elton John’s AIDS foundation 25th Anniversary, November last year.

She is just so good in whatever she does, A passionate woman born in Memphis In 1942, her singing career started in her father’s church in Detroit where she was one of the choirs. She recorded her first project in Columbia in early ’60s, with Atlantic Record label in 1967 where her album was chart topping throughout the year.

Aretha’s accomplishment In the late ’60s was remarkable for any upcoming artist to mimic, especially for a black woman In the kernel of the Civil Rights Movement. She hits her hot 100 entries on billboards list of females singer for nearly 40years, only for her record to be Broken down by the queen of rapper, Nicki Minaj In 2017.

She had won close to 18 Grammy Award and was the first female singer to be allowed into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of fame in 1987, where she beats the best records in female singers hot chart entries.

Aretha released a commendable version of “My country, Tis of Thee,” at Barrack Obama’s inauguration in 2009 with her catchy hat.

She was known for delivery best off live performance on stage throughout her musical project, Aretha was honored in Kennedy Center show in 2015 where she performed “Natural woman” In honor of King Carole, Co-writer of the song.

Aretha Franklin was left to mourn by 4 son’s, friends and relatives. She died at the age of 76years.
Rest in peace Passionate woman.

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