Watch The Final Game Of Thrones Episode Trailer

Few weeks before the first episode of season 8 airs, HBO teased a 30 second promos to get excitement on the forthcoming trending video.

Speaking of trees, perhaps one of the most enticing puzzles in the whole story is Bran’s garbled, alarming weirwood vision. In Season 4, Episode 2, Bran touches a weirwood north of the wall and immediately goes into sensory overdrive: He sees the same snowy throne room Daenerys saw in Season 2 and the shadow of dragons flying over King’s Landing. But what’s really interesting about this vision is the stuff he sees from the past.

On this new trailer, It hints that Arya Stark may face her death sentence in the final series — find out exactly what the trailer means for season, watch the official trailer below and the full video HD series will be available for download soon.


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